Sunday, January 11, 2009

~* Youth '09 *~

Today is the last day of Youth '09 but i ain't going. Being a good girl, i will be at home today and stay focus with my college works, i hope. But, i did go there for the past two days meeting different people. Rather than taking pictures of what was going on there, i took pictures of me with other homosapiens.

Day 1:

Me and Ben from I won a goodies bag for myself.

With Basil and Ben.

Amin. He is also another Youth Ambassador like me.

Day 2:

Ripsta, a robber wananabe with his friend.

Foosball. 4 against 4 and they lost. =_="

Mr. [R] and Alan'Jordy'.

A nice group picture.

I will miss hanging out this bunch of homosapiens. They are fun!


Stef said...

nice meeting you again Mich eventhough just for a brief time! :)

Ripsta said...

weeee.. pict was so cantik.. i really look like terrorist..

Jyphoon said...

Youth'09.. argh... what a disappointment. It was not as good as I thought it would be.