Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*~ Interest On Banning Concerts ~*

Oh, yes. We have another small issue right now which is not even supposed to be an issue! PAS wants to ban Rihanna's concert for some unacceptable reasons.

Federal Territory Youth chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad used the word "unsuitable" on Rihanna claiming that she OFTEN performed suggestively and wore skimpy, sexy outfit. I thought we had gone through this issue many times before with other singers such as Mariah Carey, but in the end, the concert still went on! This homosapien used the word "often" which also indicated that there could an exception, perhaps for Rihanna's concert in Malaysia.

Even Rihanna herself had agreed to follow the regulations and the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry was informed of her performance. Yet, i have seen no hullabaloo about it from the Ministry. Not even from the people?!!! But from who? PAS.

He even pointed his finger to Celcom that priority should be given to the eastern culture and local artistes. It does not mean that everyone will know how to grab the chance even though it is already there. Since he is so concern about the eastern culture and local artistes, why not he begins to organise something for them and be the inspiration to others to get started, instead of pointing his finger to others? Remember that when one finger is pointed to others, how many other fingers are pointing back at oneself?

I am totally "impressed" when he could even think of this in order to ban the concert:

He said Rihanna’s appearance here would result in an outflow of local currency to the United States, and in turn, cause loss to the country and suffering to the Palestinians.

Wow. Impressive!

Seriously, do they have other things to concentrate on rather than keep banning concerts? Why are they the one always doing the banning activity? To be clear, banning concerts!!! Last time, it was Avril Lavigne and now it is Rihanna. Who is next?

Come on! There are better things to be focused on! For the development of the country and society! It is best to apply the Malaysian Courts' slogan on them "BUAT KERJA!"

For more details, visit The Star Online for the banning on Rihanna's concert.


Michael Yip said...

PAS have too much free time on their hands. Thats why they could spare all the time they have to go around banning stuff

Our Gomen also one chicken shit. They should be afraid of the citizen and not some guys that dressed like they were from the stone age

Muhammad Nazeef said...

as long as Rihanna agrees to the dress code then all is fine to me.
and actually, some individuals in PAS actually can be labelled as 'extremists' especially in this cases.
please note that not everybody in PAS are 'stone age minded'
just dat this certain group in the party fail to reach a diff POV on the matter.
for me, im just glad Rihanna makes it to msia!
(eventho I cant go to the big concert..haih~)

tq for the post mich!

Autumn Babe said...

hey hey... bro...
u r very welcome.
just expressing my tots.

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

well, I think the music shouldn't be interfered with the matters of these PAS party b******* in my own opinion. Narrow-minded, yes. Dress code? They're over-reacting at some point, like how they quoted Avril as 'sexy'? We had enough of these monkeys. We are a laughing stalk according to foreign countries. Even the police think that punk rock music is black metal (yes, that is true, relating to the paul's place incident during 06' eve). An article that I've written a while back. Happy reading:D