Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~* Youth'09 Pre-event: KL Hop-On Hop-Off *~

Yeah! Youth'09 is coming so soon; in fact, it is tomorrow. We went to some hotspots in Kuala Lumpur to distribute flyers two days ago.

Day 1:

Yesh! We were wearing this T-shirt. Cool, right?

Left to right: Jie Juan, Amin, Alex, Terrence, Kenneth.

I just adore Amin's expression here.

We were very fortunate to ride on the KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus for free and at first, we were excited about it. But, when we were in the bus for too long just to reach our next destination, the moments turned to be extremely boring! I even have the picture of Kenneth yawning but he insisted that he was about to sneeze that time.

Gadiy, the most fortunate. He got to online in the bus using his own personal laptop. Not bad. Wireless in the bus or the plan of having free wireless in KL has totally been implemented?

The usual me would find ppl taking pictures together...

...or just me alone.

Me distributing flyers to students at Chinatown a.k.a. Petaling Street.

The leftovers for group picture session. The girl on the far right is Priya!

Day 2:

Me and Jie Juan were the first to arrived at Chinatown again and we continued to distribute the leftover flyers from the day before. After that, we were still waiting for Gadiy for the new flyers. We enjoyed the famous Tau Foo Fa there, then we met up with Mohan and Asyraf.

Twister Fries? Yea~ all of us were chilling out at McD's while still waiting for Gadiy.

Asyraf was like trying to curse the F-word.

Woot! Mohan!!!

A picture was taken right before we got started for the day.

In Gadiy's car and we were heading to Bukit Bintang, our next hotspot. If you look at this picture properly, there were actually 4 heads at the back. This means that we have four passengers at the back and you know what i mean here if you try to relate back to the new law which has been enforced recently.

Feeling honoured for being the only girl there. XD

Chilling out after getting our drinks from Cold Storage.

And we were done for the day!

Since we could have so much fun by just distributing flyers, you all can EXTREME FUN on those 3 days themselves!

Let's make a BIG HOO-HAA about YOUTH'09!!!


sabahking said...

it seems have a fun rather than doing the job !! but iam enjoying seeing the post !!

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

I like the bus. LOL