Saturday, December 20, 2008

~* Back To Hansel & Gretel's Time *~

It was such a coincidence that Mr. [R] and i were at Bangsar Village I when a fund raising activity was going on. The fund will be channelled to the less fortunate ones such as those children from the Stepping Stones Home. At the fund raising activity, people just had to register and pay RM20.00 to participate. It was not just about fund raising alone when i observed a lot of parents actually participated with their children. What was the activity? Decorating Christmas trees and houses using candies, cereals, cookies and some other ingredients. Quite a number of the trees and houses decorated by the children were being displayed hoping that people were willing to buy the masterpieces.

I know. All these just remind you of Hansel and Gretel.

What i am looking here is not how the trees and houses are nicely decorated or not, but i look at how much effort had been put in by the children to accomplish them.

I even managed to take the pictures of a family who came in a big group and participated together. I could feel the warmth was in the atmosphere with the presence of some families there.

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