Saturday, December 27, 2008

*~ Christmas Lunch I Enjoyed ~*

Okay, I owe Paulin a post here regarding the Christmas lunch i had with some the members. Well, when i thought that i would be extremely lonely on Christmas, spending my time doing assignment and having no entertainment at all, Jie Juan actually came out with this idea of dining at Tony Roma's, Mid Valley with some of the members.

As usual, food pictures first.

Our starter. Seriously, this platter was darn freaking oily and fattening!

Rosemary Chicken which i shared with Stephanie. Who is she? Continue reading and i will introduce to you later when it comes to human pictures rather than food pictures. The portion was just nice for both of us. So, the result was we finished everything on the plate.

Alan 'Jordy' Toh's BBQ chicken.
The ending: Took away at least half of the chicken here and most of the fries.

Jie Juan's cheeseburger.
The ending: Leftover of fries and the burger bread. The patty? Of course, he finished it!

Asyraf and Alvin had the same thing: Honey + BBQ chicken burger.
Their ending: Each of them took away 3/4 of their food portion.

Nah! The dessert which we shared together! Yummy-licious!

Jie Juan, the one who suggested this idea of dining at Tony Roma's.

Alvin Kei, my new friend. He looks a bit like our co-founder, KhaiLee.

My very fierce and gangster-like brother, Alan 'Jordy'. :P

Stephanie! Muacks muacks....

Finally, my own picture is here. Pheww...

Not forgetting, we have Asyraf a.k.a. TPK in the house! I like his candid pictures. Really entertaining.

The 18-year-old guy who acted cute in this picture.

Karate session while eating.

Christmas for this year was not so bad. At least when the clock struck 12 at midnight, Mr. [R] gave me a call all the way from Penang. He never forgets me. Then, i had lunch with my beloved members and i got to shop! Whee!


Stef said...

nice pics..especially with alan's bright shinning chicken looks sooooooooo 'red'

luckily the both of us were sharing for the meal, or else ended up like them holding the 'tapau' all the way back home..haha!

owh,i was keeping to myself when first saw alvin coz he looks alike with khailee...hehe at least you thought the same way too :p

nice meeting up with you and the rest! ^^

craxgrl said...

lol! i cannot believe u guys couldn't finish all the fooooood... heheh..

yeah..and thanks for the food pics 1st...i dun wanna lose my appetite 1st b4 looking at the foooooood..=P

and i heard that u were the only one shopping ther!!! lol..shopaholic..heheh

p/s: alan's chicken really did looked delicious! *drooling*

p/p/s: thanks for the post! luv u! muackz! and wish u have a nice day ahead!

Autumn Babe said...

[stephanie] hahah~ yea... saved some money as well. not even we both think that he looks like khailee. even jie juan also agreed lor!of course, nice meeting you as well.

[craxgrl] hahah~ i needed to shop for my dear's present mah. i was running out of time for that day. so i had to bid farewell earlier. and you are very welcome.

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

NOOO!!! That pose was an accident! The fault of teen baby fats!!! AHHAHAHAHA!