Tuesday, October 7, 2008

*~ Back To Childhood ~*

We had a personal field trip to the Petrosains after being suggested by Sharon. The most hardworking person in the gang suggested us to skip Company Law classes knowing that the topic taught after this has nothing to do with the final exam or even if it is, we can read it purely from the textbook. Believe me, after so many lessons with her, we still re-read all the topics by ourselves for our midterm like we had no knowledge at all. (But, better believe in karma weiiii~ Skipping class and getting something worse in return in the future.)

Matthew, the chef wannabe.

Director and actress wannabes.

The little girl is so adorable, right? I snapped her picture with her brother while the mother went around enjoying herself.

In the 3D Cinema Hall.

We behaved like kids!

I feel myself is so spoilt with all the food, shoppings and entertainment. I should really stop those and start giving myself some pressure to study. I will start allowing myself to only enjoy to the maximum up to 2 days per week. Well, wish me luck having the determination to do so.

I'm becoming a spoilt brat.

Am i?