Saturday, October 11, 2008

*~ Playboy Mansion or Zeta House? ~*

After having Salmon Fettucine at Italianiese, dear and i went for The House Bunny movie. Seriously, i could not stand how dumb Shelly Darlingson (Anna Faris) is! Totally a dumb blonde! However, i can say that the story is quite touching at the ending. I agree on how external beauty can just fade away but not the internal beauty. And most of the time, we just have to be who we are without pretending as the truth will be revealed sooner or later.

This point has left me wondering. Besides partially to boost the confidence and become mean girls, why girls still bother to dress up as if they are turning themselves into Barbie? Whatelse besides attracting the homosapiens with the XY chromosomes? If most of those homosapiens like the girls internally, then, i don't think the girls will bother so much in barbie-nising themselves.

In today's world, most of the girls try to equip themselves with the 4B's: Brain, Boobs, Butt, Beauty. I also don't deny that there are also some of the homosapiens with XY chromosomes who minus one or two B's from there especially when the B is representing Brain. Haha~ "Guys just don't really like their girlfriend to be smarter than them".

It was dessert time after that! Dear had been craving for this! Err... So did i before this when i wanted to try it desperately. It was so delicious with its warm coconut milk on top of the glutinous rice eaten together with mango. It has always been about desserts recently.

Mango Sticky Rice from Rak Thai @ The Gardens.

Look at his eagerness in trying the dessert.
"Yum yum yum~"

I did not know that there is this new version of Nano iPod until we walked into the Machines store. The moment i had it in my hand, i went like, "Whoa!" This version is so nice to he held in hand and there are so many nice colours available!

8GB for RM599.
16GB for RM799.

It is even more attractive when i found out that the price for iPod Touch has decreased so much and the latest version is added with some new features!

8GB for RM949.
16GB for RM1,229.
32GB for RM1,629 (It was nearly RM 2K previously).

Hope to have either one of those or even BOTH!
I don't mind at all!

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