Sunday, October 19, 2008

*~ One Night of Insanity ~*

Phew~ I still can feel the buzz in my ears after a night at Euphoria. Yea yea~ This club is the latest hit for now. Dear brought me along to party with some of his friends. I got totally so high with the help of Chivas Regal and the music there. What i got myself into yesterday (or should i say midnight or this morning?) was totally the same as the night at Barcelona on Sam's birthday. I could not walk in a straight line. I did really crazy things. I laughed insanely. Sooo tipsy but i was not drunk enough to know what happened to the surrounding. If you ask me what i did which was extremely crazy, i can tell you for definite.

Like i said, i still can remember what happened yesterday night. The reaction of every single people who really thought something had gone wrong with me. No exception for dear. He was there by my side every single moment to look after me (or was he doing it on purpose just to make sure that i did not flirt with other guys? Hmm~ I am wondering. Hehee). Totally by my side. Even if he was not on the dance floor, he made sure that i was being taken care of by others and looked at me from the table. His facial expession throughout the night is clearly in my mind. Totally feeling being protected.

Somehow, the clubbing hours were not the sweetest moment to end the day. The sweetest moment for the day was after that when i fell asleep in his car only when i reached home. He just let me to sleep without waking me up even though his eyes were so tired and dry due to the contact lens. The warmth of his hand on my face. The smooth movement of his tucking my hair behind the ear. The peace and calmness whenever he is by my side.

Gosh! I just can't wait to have this post here though without pictures!

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Jacklicious said...

hmmm.. so... where are the pics??!! hahaha...

i wanna see u drunk and gila like a hooligan.. wakakakakak

havent seen u gila before... must be like a dead pig sleeping at ur dear's car... wakakaka..

take care la.. hope to hear more in this blog.. hehe