Monday, October 13, 2008

*~ North Pole? Chocolate? Exam?! ~*

I imagined myself having class in North Pole this afternoon. The class was so freaking cold until my nose turned red and made me looked like a Rudolph. At the same time, i was wearing short pants! Phewww~ But fortunately, i was wearing long sleeves top to college. Okay, this is not the main point.

Well, i met up with SookLeng after my class for tea time. Yeshhh~ Finally!!! Choosing between Sushi King (it is having Sushi Bonanza which means RM 2 for all the sushi rice on the conveyer belt) and Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, i had decided to go for the chocolate lounge mainly for two reasons: I wanted SookLeng to have a try; i had too much of carborhydrate before that and i just did not feel like taking rice anymore!

There, at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, we ordered Princess of Iceland (Iced Chocolate Drink) and Queen of Rock n' Roll (Milk Chocolate Shake). Both also are highly recommended. For those who prefer chocolate drink which is not sweet, then i will recommend you to go for Princess of Iceland. On the other hand, Queen of Rock n' Roll will be a little bit sweeter. I love the way the way the glasses are being decorated with frozen chocolate.

We ordered this as well: Scandinavian Salmon crepe which is also highly recommended. Filled of chunks of salmon and slices of mushroom!

Last, but not least, the timetable for the final exam is out! All my papers are happened to be in the first week of exam. This means, i am going to finish all the papers early and this also means that i am going to get 2 weeks holiday. Wait! This also means i have to start studying!


sharon said...

so in the end u didnt change your mind. haha. i guess i was wrong then. hehe

Autumn Babe said...

hahaha~ oh well... it was due to the fact that i was at pavilion and so i was lazy to walk further heading to sushi king.