Thursday, July 30, 2009

~* No More Sandwich From This Cafe! *~

As promised long time ago, i went out with my dearest girl friends today for lunch. Where? West 57th St. Cafe at Pavilion which Mun Yee wanted to go. No special occasion. It was just a normal hang out session after working so hard during the semester break and before i really get busy again with studies.

My Jumbo Veal Sausage with Cheese Sandwich. I did not expect for this! Jumbo Veal Sausage? Not even close to jumbo anyway. Similar to the Club Sandwich i had last time, but it only involved one layer of sliced tomatoes, one thin layer of cheese, and a layer of sausage.

Seak Ling's West 57th Club Sandwich! Something that i tried for once and i never want to try again.

Anyway, if i happen to be there again, i will never order anything to do with sandwich! To me, all the sandwiches are very similar to each other and i just don't like the sandwiches there.

Hainanese Chicken Chop. I went there twice and to date, this is what i like the most.

Late lunch at 3. Everybody was hungry.

Dessert time!
Yum yum mint flavoured ice-cream...
So cooling...

Chocolate Banana Cake.

We did not plan for this, alright? It was a coincidence that we all wore the similar shade of colour.

Later on in the evening, i had a date with another girlfriend of mine, Sook Leng. Even she was wearing the same shade of colour! Clueless on where to have a drink, we went to the newly-opened Pak Hailam at Sungai (Sungei) Wang which happens to be a subsidiary of King's Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. I am not really sure about the food there because i have not tried but i can tell you that the drinks there are better than Old Town. Unlike Old Town, the drinks are less expensive and they come in taller glasses.

I also bought some pao(s) from Pak Hailam after mum gave me the greenlight to go ahead. Only 1 buck for each. The choices they have include red bean paste, kaya, chicken and custard. Yum yum... I am going to have pao for breakfast tomorrow.

Anyway, i think i have overstuffed myself with food recently. It is time to stop before i gain back the few kilos that i have lost though a lot of people told me that i looked better when i was chubbier back then.

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ble u nak kuar ngan i plak?