Sunday, August 2, 2009

*~ A Day At Man-made Beach ~*

Wheee! Boyfriend's dad invited me to the the company's family day at Sunway Lagoon. We did not need to pay for the entrance fee. On top of that, we were provided with tokens to the locker, door gift, breakfast, lunch, ice-cream and even popcorn! We were there as early as 8.30 a.m. when the park was not even opened to public yet!

The weather was very nice on that day. Not too hot and yet, it did not rain.

After the breakfast but before all the rides started to operate, boyfriend and i were wondering around the theme park.

Launching the family day.


Colouring contest for the kids.

Games for the adults as well.

Boyfriend enjoyed eating the ice-cream.

The popcorn that i was excited about for the whole day. I also did not know why. =/

Lunch was served at 12.00 p.m. Besides the various types of food, they also served Carlsberg!

Owww... He was playing like a kid...

We were busy having fun on all the rides and swimming. That was why we could not have many pictures of us during the rides and in the water. My camera is not waterproof, okay?!

We got to enter into this part of the theme park for free as well.

Ginger, the Falabella (one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world).

The animal with the grandpa-look.

This dude here was rude. I felt sexually harassed when it posed like this to me. Look at its balls!



Raccoons were having their evening nap.

Snowy the ... errr... i forget its scientific name. It tried to grab my camera when i wanted to take a picture of it. It looked so pitiful in the cage =/

It just knows how to enjoy life.


Malayan Tapir.

We were there until 6.00 p.m. Boyfriend and i decided to have our dinner at Sunway Pyramid before going home.

Dinner at Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.

Well, something different from KFC. I will be back again for sure.

I love the shrimps. I love the mashed potato. I love the coleslaw. I love the biscuit too though some people might find it powdery.

My Chicken Rice Bowl. Yummylicious...

The door gift. Heart this...

I was disappointed that i did not get tanner. Just a bit of sunburn on my face. That's it!

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