Saturday, August 29, 2009

~* Indulge @ Tropicana City Mall *~

Amanda, Gorgan, John, Pui Ling and i were supposed to have lunch at Fairy's Garden, Damansara Uptown to celebrate Pui Ling's belated birthday. But it was a disappointment when we found out that they are moving out. Argh! So, we made our way to Tropicana Mall to see if we could get a nice place for lunch besides Indulge. Eventually, we really ended up at Indulge for lunch.

We went for the sets provided for lunch and there were five choices. Since there were five of us, we thought that it would be the best if we ordered all the five choices. The sets range from RM12.90 to RM15.90, inclusive of an iced lemon tea for each set. Additional of soup of the day would cost another RM4.00.

One pumpkin soup for the five of us just to get the taste of it.

Aglio Olio (RM12.90)
I like it because of th strong garlic smell.
I dislike it because of the tasteless poached egg that did not go well with the pasta. Also, i think angelhair is not really suitable for Aglio Olio. At least, they should use spaghetti or linguine.

One of the choices was not available. That was why we ordered two of this.

My favourite!
Pistachio Crusted Tuna Belly (RM15.90).
One word: Fantastic!
I also like the wedges that they served as the side dish.

Gourmet Beef Medallions (RM15.90).
Owh, i don't take beef but all of them who take it and actually ate this, praised this dish to the maximum!

Lamb Skewer (RM15.90).
Nothing much about this except that the butter rice attracted me.

Creme Brulee (RM 9.00) as wished by the birthday girl.
I don't like this because it was not served with a layer of crunchy caramelized sugar on top of it. The type of creme brulee i love is the one crunchy on top and soft and smooth underneath. To me, the best creme brulee is still from Michaelangelo.


Again, most of the human pictures are with Gorgan but this time, the best group picture is with me! XD

Amanda, me, Gorgan, Pui Ling, John.

I had enough during lunch but the rest wanted to eat more as they did not have enough at Indulge. Hence, we went to Uncle John for teatime.

Pui Ling's crispy nuggets.

Ice-cream toast.
5/5 for this!
Old Town sucks when it comes to this.

Enrich Chocolate.
Again, Old Town sucks when it comes to this drink.

The only thing i love about Old Town is the unlimited honey provided for the french toast.

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Grace said...


I'm so gonna try out this "uncle john" when I get back to M'sia!!

I thought the old town enrich choc was the nicest I've tasted to far :P