Friday, August 21, 2009

~* Friday Lunch @ Delicious *~

After surviving just on buns for few days in college, i could finally have good food. Why buns? Breaks in between classes are not enough for me to have proper lunch. I hate eating a proper meal in a rush. I will feel very uncomfortable during lectures after eating until so full and i will be feeling very guilty at the same time because i am not doing anything else physically besides sitting in the class! Thus, eating buns is the best. Also, it saves my money! You know, especially when so many people's birthday are coming soon.

Anyway, yesterday was Mun Yee's birthday and today, Sharon, Seak Ling and i had lunch with her at Delicious, Mid Valley.

The birthday girl had Fish & Chips that she could not finish later on.

Sharon's Traditional Tomato Spaghettini.
Simple but yet this was tastier than the food i ordered!

Seak Ling's Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghettini with lemon zest, walnut and coriander.
I wanted to eat this always besides Smoked Salmon Angelhair but i did not order this because i don't like walnut! It was a very wrong decision! It tasted so nice and creamy with a little bit of lemon taste. Again, it was better than the one i ordered!

My Chicken Avocado with pesto on toasted country white (means bread la!). So, yes, i ordered this! "Healthy" is the only positive comment i can give here. It did not worth my money at all! The taste was not really there for someone who had been surviving on buns in college for the past few days. "Tasteless". Oh ya, being foolish, i ordered something that had to do with bread again. I should have order any kind of the pastas and it would be still better than this, in terms of taste and value!

Anyway, take a look at the big chunks of chicken breast meat. @.@

Argh! I want to dine at Delicious again for its Smoked Salmon Angelhair! Bring me there!

Okay, picture time.

Mun Yee and Sharon.

Sharon with the nicely posed me.

Only four of us. Intimate enough. The number of people was also enough for a mahjong session.

Later on in the evening, Sharon and Mun Yee ditched us. Haihzzz... Haha...
So, i went dating with Seak Ling. We went to Kwong Woh Tong as she needed some herbal tea.

Yea man... The damn bitter herbal tea. Something i will not go for.


After coming out from Kwong Woh Tong, we passed by Krispy Kreme and got free doughnuts! Wheeee! A consolation to me after spending on the non-value-added meal. A consolation to Seak Ling for finishing the damn bitter herbal tea.

Okay, back to my bun-eating days.

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