Sunday, August 9, 2009

*~ Straight To The Point! ~*

The delicious Asam Laksa at Jusco, Mid Valley.

So delicious until boyfriend and i finished everything including the soup!

Nasi pulut.

The chicken was sooooo delicious and i craved for me after that.


I got a very cute 5-colour highlighter when i attended a career fair yesterday.


Are you craving for ice-cream but afraid that the portion will get you fatter?

Try this bite-sized ice-cream!

Look like the usual chocolates to you? The truth is inside all these are filled with ice-cream and they are not too sweet.

The next time you really crave for a bite of ice-cream, have one!

(As you can see, the ice-cream almost melted.)

By the way, i don't really like the shape.

This is really suitable for those who are dieting. You don't have to torture yourself by totally avoiding certain types of food. Reward yourself once in awhile.


Arghhhhh! It's going to be Week 3! So fast!

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