Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~* Amanda How's 21st Birthday Celebration *~

So, on Monday, Pui Ling, Gorgan, John and i went to celebrate Amanda How's birthday at Senjyu Sushi as per the birthday girl's request. We were there at 11.30 a.m. but the restaurant had not started its daily operation yet. Thus, we decided to go to Ikea as our first stop for its signature meatballs. I was feeling so tempted to try other stuffs especially its open-faced shrimp sandwich but i told myself it would be next time because i was about to have my lunch at Senjyu.

I only had the fries with the gravy and jam since i can't take beef.

Meatballs for everyone to share.

Second stop: Senjyu Sushi

John's Unagi Don.

Gorgan's Salmon Ikura Don.

Food at Senjyu Sushi is quite expensive due to its high-quality ingredients. I had opted for the cheapest or at least the most-worth-it item in the menu.

Set lunch.

Salmon Teriyaki that came with rice and green tea.

Added four bucks for its salad,

...a bowl of miso soup and chawanmushi.

Pui Ling ordered a Tempura set so that we could exchange our food.

Amanda's salmon skin handroll.

Amanda's rice-less sushi.

Amanda's unagi makimono.

Foie gras (goose liver sushi) that costs RM8 per piece which i chose not to order when the rest of them did.

At the end of the day, my Salmon Teriyaki set was not included in the bill which made me spent only RM7 there for my add-on and green tea. To be fair, i paid a little bit extra than the rest at Cupcake Chic.

Third stop: Cupcake Chic.

6 cupcakes to celebrate Amanda's birthday. I was sooooooooooooooooooooo excited when i saw the two cupcakes (Cookies N' Cream and On Cloud 9) that i wanted to try always. Not all types of cupcakes are available everyday, anyway.

From far left (clockwise) : Butter pecan, 24 Karat, Persian Love, Chocofee, Cookies N' Cream, On Cloud 9.

PS: No human pictures because most of them are with Gorgan. Please hold on.

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marccus said...

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was dropping by from nuffy x-change =P Gd day.