Sunday, August 16, 2009

*~ Crazy Evening (Part II) ~*

After the dinner at Yuen Buffet Steamboat, we went to Snowflake which is at the shoplot opposite Asia Cafe to have Taiwanese dessert. Yea, the Snowflake that ChuiLing from 1 Day 5 Meals went.

Beeping UFO. Once your order is ready, it will vibrate and keep flashing.

The loyalty card.

There are supposed to be six stamps. Juliana got addicted and ordered another one later on.

It was time to eat again.

Snowflake Bestseller.
Grass Jelly + Grass Jelly Ice + Taroballs + Creamer

Soya Ice Series with Sweet Potato, Barley and Pearl.

Yum yum~

Grass Jelly Series with Sweet Potato, Barley and Pearl.

Grass Jelly Series with Kidney Bean, Black Glutinous Rice and Pearl.

Lemon Jade Jelly, i think.

Grass Jelly Series with Taroballs and Black Glutinous Rice.

After creamer was added...

Osama spoon.

We were really noisy there. We made so much noise by playing some lame games until people were staring at us. 9 of us occupied a table for 4! Well, what to do when they had limited space and yet so many people were there.

Danny and i being so yellowish on that day.

Chin Looi and Juliana.

Amanda on Chin Looi's right.

Boyfriend and i.

Amanda + Chin Looi + Juliana.

Danny + me + boyfriend + half of Nicole's face.

Nicole, Khoo and Lim.

Boyfriend and i again promoting the loyalty card.

Lastly, it is the group picture of everyone :)

It was almost 12 when we were done there. Still feeling "early", we decided to hang out at Chin Looi's house and we were there until 2 a.m. We played games taught by Danny. By just using a deck of cards, he came out with so many games. But all the punishments for losing lead to only one: drinking water. And, no going to the washroom until we had finished playing! Torturing, right? Oh well, in the end, Danny suffered the most. Haha...

I can't wait to hang out with them again.

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