Saturday, August 29, 2009

*~ 1901's Pau & Ko Hyang ~*

Today, i met boyfriend later than usual because he had classes to attend. We went to 1901 for snack to try out the new product in conjunction of the Ramadan month. It had been a really long time since my last visit. I was missing it.

He wore this and he felt great because he got the attention. He was proud that people kept on staring at his shirt him rather than me. New shirt given by his friend.

Luckily i am not too f.ugly to stand next to him. Otherwise, i would have recommended him to only wear this shirt at home or whenever i am not next to him.

Coney Dog Pau.
Instead of sausage bun, they use pau.



Last time, mum used to buy New York Chicken for me but now, i will go for other choices as well since they also offer chicken as well rather than beef alone. One set includes mashed potato and a drink.

We watched Up in the evening. Nice movie. We laughed all the way till the end of the movie.

Dinner was at Ko Hyang, The Gardens Mall. The Korean cuisine near Din Tai Fung and Cold Storage. The one next to San Terri Cottage. Boyfriend's idea to try the food there.

I love the anchovies. Whenever i have Korean food, i would look forward for that.

Jap Chea.
Glass noodle but it was not fried, i think.
At least i know it was not oily at all compared to other fried glass noodle.

Kim Chi fried rice.
A nice one. ^^
Ko Hyang uses brown rice to serve the customers. Even the Kim Chi fried rice i had used brown rice too.

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