Sunday, August 16, 2009

~* Crazy Evening (Part I) *~

Finally, i got to dine at Yuen Buffet Steamboat on Saturday evening after craving for it for so long! Boyfriend and i were there quite early and we decided to start first while waiting for the rest to come.

The restaurant is not only a place for steamboat, but it is also famous for its grilled chicken wings. If the restaurant were packed with people, the chicken wings could be finished taking by them within few minutes. Tray by tray of chicken wings will be served to the customers. But we were lucky. When boyfriend and i arrived, there were not many people and there were still a lot of chicken wings. So, we took a lot too for both of us and the rest who came later on. While waiting, people who passed by our table staring at us and the table with one kind of look. They might be thinking, "You both kiasu people occupy a table for ten and take so many chicken wings."

Finally, they had arrived within an hour time.

It was just the beginning.

The yummylicious chicken wings.

All the raw ingredients.

Wow, this does not look like we were having steamboat. It was more to like we were having some nice and healthy soup with good ingredients. Look at those different kinds of shellfishes!

Tomyam with overcooked ingredients :P

Everyone was enjoying the food so much...

...including myself. I spent most of the time peeling shells for myself, boyfriend who sat on my left and Chin Looi who was on my right. I tried to waste some time in between so that i could rest my stomach.

Amanda's effort.

Ice-cream for dessert!

I love the one with apricot flavour (pink in colour).

Boyfriend, Lim, Khoo and Danny.

Nicole, Juliana, Chin Looi, me and Amanda.

Anyway, i feel like wanting another steamboat session =/

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