Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~* Typical n-course Meal *~

I just came back from having dinner at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant which located next to Swiss Garden Hotel. Anyway, the dinner was held in conjunction of the Goddess Guan Yin's festival. Organised by this temple which i don't really know the name, this dinner is held annually and only members, mostly the elders, will be attending. However, because of some members (mum's friends) could not make it, i was asked to join my mum.

Typical name: 4 seasons.
Heart the butter milk eggplant.

"Fake" shark fin soup.

Come on! You can't expect that this dinner would serve you expensive ingredients since it was a dinner to celebrate the Goddess and everything was supposed to be moderate. Also, shark fin is bad. An environmentalist will say no-no to serving real shark fin.

Trotter in oyster sauce. It was so darn fattening but the thing is this dish will only be nice if the trotter has fat! I did not even dare to eat the skin and i was searching hard for pure meat.

Steamed catfish.

Roaster chicken with prawn crackers.
The menu was written in both English and Chinese but i only know how to read in English. In English, it was written as "Roaster Crispy Chicken & Prawn". I waited anxiously for this dish since there would be prawn. When this dish was served, i searched high and low for prawns which i then only realised that they missed out the word "Crackers" in the English menu. But the Chinese menu was written correctly stating prawn crackers rather than prawn! Anyway, i was not the only one who got tricked.

Some mixed vegetables.

After the fried rice, we were served with dessert. Whee! My favourite Chinese pancake! Heart this terribly much! I always look forward for this whenever i attend this kind of dinner. By the way, the creamy red bean dessert was very nice and not sweet at all just to match the sweetness of Chinese pancake. Yum yum~

The food pictures are not too nice because i had to snap the pictures fast before everybody else attacked the food. Then, i had to take from far and zoomed in. It is impolite to ask everybody else to wait for you while you stand up, go nearer to the food and snap pictures.

Besides food, i also took pictures with people too.

With my dearest mum. Mum does not really like to take pictures but i insisted. It had been a very long time, like for years, since we last took picture together.

Me, Aunty Margaret, mum and Aunty Lai Heng.
Aunty Lai Heng is both my mum and Aunty Margaret's friend for years.

With Ee Mey.
The daughter of my mum's good friend.
My senior in high school.

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