Saturday, July 25, 2009

~* Canton-i *~

As promised to myself, i would treat my mum to dine at Canton-i, Mid Valley once i am done with the temporary position at the law firm. Actually, my last day is going to be on Monday but i treated her today. Of course, she was not the only one when boyfriend and one of my aunts came along.

Flowering Red Amaranth.
It's a must-try. Interesting enough, the flower would bloom slowly when hot water was poured into the glass.

Steamed Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste.

Crispy Buns with BBQ Pork.
The buns are crispy due this one layer on top of the buns. The layer is like the polo bun's but it is thinner here.

Egg Tarts. Too bad the tarts were not served hot.

Pan-fried Chinese Pancake.
Too oily and nothing special about it!

Fried turnip cake with XO sauce.

Szechuan Style Sizzling Noodles with Seafood.
Actually, with lots of prawns! Oh... ini sungguh menjelakkan. Thanked to the tomato sauce. I expected this to be spicy! It should not be categorised as Szechuan style at all!

Star of the day:
Some kind of rice with mixed roast meats (chicken or duck wing and roast pork), egg, tofu, vegetable and seafood (few slices of octopus meat).

We also ordered Tau Foo Fa and Salted Fish Fried Rice but i could not take pictures in time because both my aunt and mum just could not wait any longer to eat.

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