Saturday, July 25, 2009

*~ Gathering @ Draften ~*

Date:19th July 2009
Venue: Kepong

Fiona invited us to a party or gathering at his dad's office. We were really amazed by the surroundings as if we just entered a night club or something like that. Yea, it is really her dad's office but there is this wide area which is for entertainments , especially karaoke.


Mirrors are everywhere.

They sang.

I sang.
(It's very rare to see me singing like this.)

Boyfriend sang.
(He sang Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom with Lim. My heart melted.)

How could we not singing together?!

More shots from that night.

Wee Liam, Melissa, Chin Looi, Lim's ass.

Abigail Low, Gayle, Kiren.

Chin Looi was trying real hard to fit into the picture.


I would never forget to post this picture!

Girls only.

The group picture!

He snatched my boyfriend!

More pictures on Facebook.

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