Sunday, March 22, 2009

*~ The Silent Killer ~*

I am so exhausted to the extent that i am about to get sick! My body is feeling so sore. My mind is feeling so heavy. Just to work on my assignments.

April is a month at hell to me with three assignments to be passed at the beginning of the month, two midterm papers in the middle of the month and another two assignments at the end of the month. As regards to the first three assignments, i am glad that my progress is very well and i can finish all ahead of time after i have really worked so hard on them.

Up to date, i have sacrificed most of my sleeping hours, even on the days that i don't need to attend classes. I have also forgone the days when i can actually shop! I can't recall when was the last time i did my shopping properly. Let's look at those results later on to see if they are worth those sacrifices.

Yea, i am doing four subjects when others are doing either two or three subjects? Why? Because i just don't have the choice. Don't ask me why again? It is difficult to be explained here.

Nothing to be watched on television today until i watch Asian Food Channel (AFC). While i was watching Sugar by Anna Olson, words like "glucose", "diabetes", and "fattening"just popped into my mind. There was this recipe called that involved about the whole jar of peanut butter.

Then, she added some cream cheese into it before mixing together with slices of banana that was already cooked with syrup and cinnamon. After that, she put some of it in between two slices of cookies and ate. The amount that she put could be used for few slices of breads! I am not kidding! Can you imagine how sweet and fattening it was?

I watched the complete episode of Chef At Home today for the very first time. I have learnt to peel and get the whole chunk of meat from the lobsters and how to know if they are over cooked or not. It is quite impossible to cook lobsters in Malaysia. They are not cheap! I rather have crabs!

I also learn how to make a chocolate dessert whereby it is made of three types of chocolates: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. As easy as ABC. Hehe~ I am wondering when i can make it. I start to adore Michael Smith!

PS: Before the sale ends, it is better for me to go for it first! That will be this coming weekends!

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