Saturday, March 7, 2009

*~ Which One Do You Prefer? ~*

Can someone enlighten me for once more? I just don't understand at all.

Now, we have this issue of people are going against the idea of teaching Mathematics and Science in English. Why not? Because the teachers are struggling.

Let's look at this way. Many decades ago, the medium for teaching used here was mostly English. Then, when the decision of changing the medium back to Malay language, which is also known as bahasa Malaysia now, had forced many of the teachers, whether they were Malays or not, to cope with it. Eventually, they did! Please don't forget that they struggled too.

So, what is the big fuss now? Why can't the teachers cope with this issue of teaching both Mathematics and Science in English until they had to cause unwanted incidents on this Saturday afternoon? Who is supposed to get blamed now? The one who decided to change the teaching medium to English few years back? The one who decided to change it from English to Malay few decades ago? Or the people themselves who can't cope with the change?

Yes, i am one of those students from the time when Mathematics and Science were still being taught in Malay language. And, i have no issue of speaking in English now even though not fluently. However, the idea of teaching those subjects in English now is just benefiting the students further.

Come on. Are the teachers teaching for the students' sake or for themselves? Isn't that whatever the education ministry does is for the good of the students? It is not that the education ministry never provides extra trainings for the teachers who are teaching those subjects in English. Who know that they do not really try hard to cope with it?

I know. At the end of the day, who am i to say about all these when i am not even in the teachers's shoe? I just ponder, may i?


craxgrl said...

well, totally add more to it, the PPSMI thingy was enforced like 5-6 years ago...y they still cant cope with it?? sorry to say, but personally, i just think that these ppl are too lazy to adapt to new situations..

ruth tan said...

Malaysian Gov loves making changes which they never have thought of the long term challenges they will have to face.

Autumn Babe said...

i agree with both of you, girls. and i am totally wondering why some politicians were there? they were like taking the advantages of the whole situation.

Autumn Babe said...

oh yea, ruth. the implementation of the plan has taken place for few years. enough for them to cope with the challenges. excuses are just making themselves look more more awful.

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

The core of the matter is, our school education system sucks. During my form 5 days, my math teacher refused to teach Math in English. Now, ain't that frustrating? Further more, their excuse would be,"Oh, because the others don't understand English". That's utter nonsense.

Autumn Babe said...

hahaha.. other than agreeing with you, dude, i have nothing else to say.