Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*~ She's A Teacher ~*

I never bother reading news on MSN. But today, i did. Just because of her. She got my attention.

Shiny black hair.
Flawless skin.
Look how perfect her nose, lips and eyes are!

Most of all, she is a teacher.

So, can you imagine those school boys in the future? Being taught by this beautiful lady. At the same time, she will be hated by other school girls. The number of boys absent from school will decrease. The number of girls absent, on the other hand, will increase.

She is not the only one. There will be more beautiful teachers!

The most important is that they are robots!

=_= "


Jwan Heah said...

waaa.. i wonder how she'll respond to kids behaving badly in class.

Ripsta said...

therez no more flirt with the teacher.. ahhaa