Friday, March 6, 2009

~* Unbelievable Words of Mine *~

When i was daydreaming in the class this morning, my lecturer pointed at me out of sudden and asked, "What do you want to do?"

My heart was beating fast and i had andrenaline rush. It took me awhile before i answered softly, "Stop studying."

Looking worried and shocked, he further asked, "No, no, what do you want in life?" For once more, it took me awhile before i answered him softly with a proper and better answer. Sigh.

Stop studying. After saying that, even myself was in a shock. Did i just utter those words? Is that what i really want now?

I don't think so and i have already completed 2/3 of the course. But i can tell you that i am seriously exhausted with my college life now. This is just the second week of the semester! Gosh!

No matter how tough it is, i am still going to continue. Don't waste the time that i have spent. Don't waste the effort that i have put. Don't waste the money that i obtained with all my hardwork.

By the way, i am totally in love with these two love songs:
1. Beyonce - Halo
2. Neyo - Mad


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