Saturday, March 28, 2009

~* Sinful Dinner *~

So, where were you during the Earth Hour? I was at TGIF Sunway Pyramid having candlelight dinner with Mr. [R] rather than getting for myself a cup of Starbucks.

Knowing that the food would come in big portion, we decided to order only one set of the two-course meal.

Appetiser: Fried Mac and Cheese.
The tasted reminded me of Burger King Mozzarella Sticks.

Entree: Cajun shrimp and chicken pasta.

This is as cheesy as the appetiser. Like Mr. [R] said, "It is like cheese mania!" Also, we totally love the shrimps. Fresh, juicy and sweet!

Then we added:
Dessert Minis: Chocolate Orea Mint Crunch, Mocha Latte and Snickers Treat.
Actually, we only ordered two except for Mocha Latte but the waiter had made a mistake and he just gave the third one to us for free.

We watched Confessions of A Shopaholic. It is another must-watch movie. The cinema was fulled and laughters were everywhere!

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