Thursday, April 30, 2009

*~ Guilty Food ~*

I was at Times Square today in the evening for tea time with Sam after i was being persuaded for many times. I told her about Krispy Kreme and she actually got a few doughnuts for herself before we went next door for Starbucks. Err... Actually i also bought one Original Glazed Doughnut for myself. I just could not resist it.

Using her buy-one-free-one voucher, we got Chocolate Chip Frappucino for each of us. Venti!!! In McDonald's language, it means large!!! Since there was a voucher, Sam said that we should go to the extreme! I forgot when was the last time i had this favourite Starbucks drink of mine.

So darn fattening! I had been consuming different kinds of food in these few days from the healthiest to the unhealthiest. I really should go for detoxification and have a better diet for the next one week, at least.

My agreement of not being allowed to have buffet or hi-tea for half a year with Mr. [R] is expiring in two months time. Then, i am sure that he wants to renew the agreement with me. Perhaps, for longer term. I also bet that he wants to establish a separate agreement saying, "No Krispy Kreme doughnuts for at least three months (or more) and stay away at least 50 metres from any Krispy Kreme stores." =/


Well, i remember that i kept on complaining that i was getting fatter after three rounds of buffet in last December alone. To prevent me from really getting fatter and complaining that i was getting fatter, he finally thought of establishing that agreement with me. But, it still does not stop me from any of those! XD


Muhammad Nazeef said...

havent watch the shinjuku incident yet..
a fren of mine sumhow manage to dload it and mebe going to enjoy it this coming holiday~

btw, banyak nyer post pasal donat~

Jwan Heah said...

interesting agreements drawn up.. hehe.