Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*~ The First Cake He Baked ~*

After walking around Pavilion for few hours, Sam and i decided to have our tea time at my favourite spot, San Terri which later joined by Sook Leng. Yes, it was San Terri again. The cafe in Times bookstore. I had a difficult time in choosing between sandwich and New York Cheesecake but finally, i chose to have Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich with wasabi dressing. Owh~ I love the wasabi dressing so much. San Terri's honey mustard is another great choice for the sandwich dressing. I think i can be San Terri's ambassador.

Bread - Lettuce with wasabi dressing - Bread - Mozzarella cheese together with smoked ham - Bread. I shared half of this with Sook Leng.

I really made a good choice to have sandwich because Mr. [R] brought me a quarter of cake that he baked during his practical training in college. Yea, i was surprised that he wanted to have dinner with me today as i expected him to go home after that tiring practical training in the evening. After the tea session with my dear friends, i rushed myself home just to see him as he was already waiting for me there.

I was so glad to see him sitting in the living room with my mum having his isotonic drink. I think he was so eager to give me the surprise. Before i could settle myself down for dinner, he asked me to check out the fridge. There was a silver box and when i opened it, i saw cake! Yummylicious!

Mr. [R] told me that it was the very first cake he baked after so long taking the course. Since he was only entitled for a box, he could only fit in a quarter of the cake and the rest of it was thrown away. So, other than his coursemates, trainer and himself, am i one of the earliest people who get to try his very first cake? Is it because i am so important to him to the extent that he was so eager letting me in trying the cake or he just wanted me to be a white mice?! Hmm.. I am wondering hard. Haha...

Of course the first reason works way better than the second one by observing his effort of going through all those traffic jams and delivering the cake to me. I tried the cake after he had gone home. It was so delicious! It totally reminded me of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Moisture Cake which happens to be one of my favourite cakes. I left part of the cake for tomorrow. I love the cake so much. I am so glad. Thank you, Mr. [R]! There's no picture of the cake because i only remembered about snapping pictures after i had eaten part of it.

I stole the following picture from him. His seriousness attracts me. :P

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Muhammad Nazeef said...

bout the comment i posted b4..
i only asked coz u didnt mention what 'it' is...
thus, the curiosness.:D

btw, is dat a knife on his arm??