Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~* To Die or Not To Die *~

Some statutes really amuse me. Can you believe that you may be jailed or fined if you try to commit suicide? I don't see the logic behind this. Is this the way to stop the people from taking their own life and teach them more about their responsibility to themselves and as well as to others? I don't think so.

Imagine that you are depressed enough that you just want to end your own damn pathetic life in the public eg. jumping off the bridge. You are just few seconds away from stepping in either hell or heaven. Everyone there is trying to convince you, telling you that there are still hopes to live with. Even the darkest thing has started to shine. Fine! Finally, you have decided to go on with life no matter how it trashes you. The next thing you know is you may be jailed or fined for attempting suicide. Funny. Again, you will wonder, "Why not i just jump off the damn bridge?!"

That is not the way to decrease the number of people who commit suicide and to let them know about their responsibilities. Instead, there should be some angels who can reach out to them. This is what Befrienders for! Jail sentence and fine don't work! Instead, these will make those who are trying to suicide more depressed and see no hopes!

The moral of the story: Try to suicide privately and make sure that it really ends your life. Otherwise, prepare to be jailed or fined. Think thoroughly before you want to commit suicide and ask yourself what is waiting for you if you have failed to die.

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