Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~* For The Sake of Updating *~

The title says it all.

I was at Krispy Kreme today to get a Original Glazed Doughnut for my mum. Yes, only one. I wanted my mum to have a try. I felt awkward for getting just one when people there were queuing up for at least half a dozen. But most of them bought one dozen or more. Even the staffs there were expecting the customers to get the number of doughnuts that can be put in a box no matter what the size is. I told myself that i would only get what i wanted and not being influenced by other factors! Hmph!

Mum just had the doughnut and disliked it. She said that the doughnut was just too sweet. Those who are having diabetes will die fast. Those who are healthy will get diabetes soon. But, i still like it very much! Well, of course i won't be eating it so often.

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Jordy said...

wah ah mui, u went there earlier than me!! i tot of going there this weekend geh.. T.T so, was it packed with ppl still? i was so surprised after i read the newspaper this morning that the joey queued there for 65hrs, which is even longer than ASW or ASM!!

i heard that there were 16 flavors? how much per piece wor?