Friday, April 17, 2009

~* Still In Hell, Anyway (Updated) *~

Alright. I am done with midterm papers and let me conclude now that i did badly in both papers. When tips were not even tips, anyway. Lecturers in this semester can't be trusted. Hence, no more spotting questions and i have to read everything thoroughly.

The end of midterm test does not mean the end of everything. Not even the end of this semester. Perhaps, it just marks the end of certain chapters whereby i don't need to bother about them as they won't be coming out anymore for final exam.

The end of this midterm test indicates that it is time for me to be back on my assignments. Let's see. Three assignments are gone and four more to go. Nevertheless, i still need to study constantly too. Please pray for me that i can juggle between these two. I really need to do well desperately for this semester.

In another matter, most friends are celebrating or have celebrated their 21st birthday. Mine? Five more months to go. Again, time flies. To have a wonderful celebration, it is the time to start planning again. Revealing my first birthday wish of the year is to have a little bit more cash to celebrate than previous years. 21st birthday. Thus, it has to be extra special, i hope. Extra cash means that i can get something which i really want. A birthday does not mean only other people giving you gifts, but you can give one (or more) to yourself as a reward or just to cheer yourself up. Please drop me some cash from the sky!

Nothing much.

Mr. [R] fetched me from college today and we went to Mid Valley. I am getting bored with Mid Valley. We did nothing much there except having a few hours walk and tea time at Delifrance. We thought that we could head to Sri Petaling straight away from there for dim sum as our dinner. But after looking at me almost fell asleep and the dress i wore, Mr. [R] decided that we went back to my house first so that i could have my rest and change to something more comfortable for dinner.

We missed the road to Sri Petaling and we took the way to Serdang. Due to the slow traffic, we took slightly more than an hour just to reach there and it was equivalent to fnished listening to Most Wanted chart. I almost went crazy in the car and i kept on entertaining Mr. [R] with all the stupid actions.

At the dim sum restaurant, we were so hungry until the extent that when the food came, i did not bother to stop Mr. [R] from eating, which i usually do so that i can snap some pictures. Even Mr. [R] also forgot to ask if i were to take any pictures of the food. Alright. After this, no more dim sum for a long term.

On our way back to the car, something happened. It made Mr. [R] felt like he was the luckiest person on that moment. Even myself was not as lucky, okay?! Be proud, dude!


Ripsta said...

im start with R olso.. ahhah

Muhammad Nazeef said...

sumthing happen eh??~~