Saturday, April 11, 2009

~* Big Blue *~

It had been a week since the last time i went out with Mr. [R]. I know. I know. I make it sounds like i did not meet him for years! He decided to go to Mid Valley Megamall and i remembered that there is still Big Blue Multimedia Exhibition is going on. How could i miss it?!

This is the life-size sculpture of a two-month-old, 9 metre-long, female blue whale calf but it is still very huge! I can't imagine the size of a matured blue whale. Perhaps, it may occupy the space from the East Atrium to the West Atrium of Mid Valley Megamall.

Then, we went for a movie. Shinjuku Incident. The movie is fulled with violence. Yea, i like it. Daniel Wu really impresses (or "impresses") me with his acting skill. He is supposed to be a very nice guy named Ah Jie and being a nice guy here, he looks like a gay. But after an incident has happened in the movie, he absolutely transforms into a ghost with his Gothic look! I am so speechless about his make up as a dude with his Gothic look. Seriously, i see no signs of Daniel Wu at all; the one whom we recognise him as handsome, cool, macho, whatever you call it! Is that supposed to be good when it comes to acting?

Overall, the movie is not too bad. You can see blood is everywhere and how the hands are chopped off... Urgh... A two-hour movie.

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Muhammad Nazeef said...

is dat really daniel wu??
cam lain jer..

got lots of good comments regarding this flick so maybe gonna catch it up 2 moro~