Saturday, May 2, 2009

~* Butter & Oil *~

Mr. [R] and i were at Mid Valley today. We used the advertiser pass again to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop after using it once three days ago to watch Wolverine. Yes, i watched it on the very first day when it was shown in the cinema. Anyway, the movie was quite alright and it was not as funny as i thought.

After the movie, we had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market ordering its dory fish that was served with garlic butter rice and topped with garlic butter sauce. We only ordered one set because it came with another slice of dory fish for free due to the promotion that it is having. We just added on a garlic butter rice and we shared. Believe me. With only these, you can eat until you have the urge to vomit.

To prove to Mr. [R] that eyeliner can be an alternative tool to jot down notes even on a serviette.

Enough to make you feel like vomit back the food. Imagine the deep fried dory fish, garlic butter rice, garlic butter sauce. One word. Fattening. Oh no, not again! It is a must to go back for healthier diet!

Another agreement is being established today. Not by Mr. [R], but by myself. No dining at Manhattan Fish Market for the next 6 months. Most of the items in the menu are involving deep frying and garlic butter sauce. It is seriously enough to have it once in a blue moon.

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