Friday, May 22, 2009

~* Sugar Rice Dumpling *~

My second time at Taiwan House.

Mr. [R]'s all time favourite Dry Beef Glass Noodle. He told me that he only orders this everytime he is there.

My Dry Prawn Ball Glass Noodle. I don't know whether the prawn balls were just like other prawn balls that you can get anywhere or they were specially made or homemade. Well, i just enjoyed eating the prawn balls. I also love the the fried chopped garlic that was sprinkled on top of the meat or balls. Beware if you happen to have dry glass noodle. It was literally dry until i almost got choked by it. Fortunately the dry glass noodle was served with a small bowl of soup.

Rice dumpling. There are two main types of rice dumpling. The first type of rice dumpling is the one that tastes salty and having different ingredients in it such as egg yolk, chestnut, pork meat, dried shrimps, beans and so on. This type of rice dumpling is supposed to be dipped with soy sauce traditionally.

Another type of rice dumpling is the one made of alkali water ("karn sui") and either having nothing or there will red bean in it. Usually, this rice dumpling is to be dipped with something sweet such as kaya, gula Melaka, or sugar. The size of this dumpling is smaller than the other one.

I have this habit of dipping the first type of dumpling with sugar instead of soy sauce. I have no idea who taught me this when i was a kid. Ahhh, i just love it when it comes to eating rice dumpling.

I don't know how far Mr. [R] likes it. Mum gave me a dumpling to be shared with him. I asked him to try it with fine sugar. At first, i saw no reaction from him and he told me there was nothing much about the rice dumpling with sugar. The next thing i knew, i saw him taking every bite of the rice dumpling with more and more sugar on it. The reason he gave was, "I don't want to waste the sugar." After he had finished everything, i asked him whether the rice dumpling was nice to be eaten with sugar, he replied, "You laaa...! I start to get addicted to it." It is my fault again. =/

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★ whoaamello ★ said...

WHOO!! Food looks good =D =D BTW, you are so SO right about women and (their) instincts.