Monday, May 11, 2009

~* Very Wrong Timing *~

What is the percentage of me being the first swine flu a.k.a A (H1N1) victim in Malaysia?

  1. Fever on last Tuesday night until Wednesday.
  2. Sore throat (not really sore but it is pain as if my throat is swollen!) since last Thursday until now.
  3. Cough and flu since Sunday.
  4. I don't have diarrhea.
  5. I have not been vomitting.
  6. I did not contact anyone who recently travelled to countries with people infected by this virus.

Is there a chance that the virus develops by itself in me?

Gosh! Why do i get sick at the worst timing?

With this weather, who does not get sick?

The worst thing is i think i have infected Mr. [R] with some of these. =_="


Ripsta said...

get well soon dearie..

p/s: im the second mr [R] .. ahhaha..
yet imma [R]est [I]n [P]eace [S]leep [T]ight [A]lone .. :P

Muhammad Nazeef said...


commercial flu caused by unstable weather je..
I had one last week~

Autumn Babe said...

thanks for concerning.
i am getting better.
just dealing with the irritating cough and sore throat.

[ripsta]kau nak jadi orang yang kena infected daripada aku ni, ke? tak sabar nak jadi mr. [r] kat sini.

[nazeef] lol. with swine flu now, who does not think of that possibility. and also, who does not think of getting dengue as well. dengue cases are increasing nowadays.