Monday, May 18, 2009

*~ Peek-A-Boo ~*

Yeah, i know that i did not update my blog for a week. It is not very long to you, but i feel it differently. The following picture is just a sneak preview on what i am going to update in the next post. Well, i am still waiting for the complete set of pictures from Gorgan.

I am not sure if i will have other interesting pictures or posts here after the next post as i need to start preparing for my final examination papers. I desperately need to score for this semester before i land myself in deep shit. When i have done with my papers, it also marks the beginning of me working temporarily even for just five weeks. That happens when money rules one's life. I should be glad that i can find for myself a job and earn some income in such a short period. At the same time, i will be wondering hard on what Mr. [R] is going to do when i am busy working but he is not.

After this semester, i will be dealing with great uncertainties until the day i graduate from college. It is completely useless to elaborate here right now. The list is going to be long and it will not interest you all. Phew! I start to hate my college!

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