Sunday, May 10, 2009

*~ Masak-masak ~*

Yesterday, Mr. [R] came over and i decided to cook pasta using McCormick's Creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce Mix. I told him about this sauce mix before that it really helps noobs in the kitchen like me to cook a delicious Alfredo pasta. I also promised before that i would cook that for him. All i need were milk, butter, sauce mix, button mushrooms, sliced chicken steak and pasta.

Pros and cons for not only having a boyfriend who knows how to cook, but also he does learn how to cook. Pros are you get to eat delicious food, you won't die of hunger, you have free cooking lessons and you can just sit down and shake your legs. The cons, as i have expected, he is just going to look at you cooking in the kitchen and pinpoint on what you are doing.

Like he did yesterday, he said that i was very dangerous and about to cut my own fingers while holding the knife slicing the button mushroom. I told him that i would not as i estimated the gap in between the knife and my fingers. Then, he said, "You should attend some basic lessons." Ishh~ I was cooking for him and he still wanted to talk so much. Zip your mouth! :P At least i am not limited to cooking instant noodles and frying an egg.

Of course the Alfredo pasta was nice. Not that i am trying to praise myself here, but you just can't get wrong with the sauce mix. In the small pot, it seemed like the pasta was not enough and he added once. Then i added once. It ended up that the pasta we cooked could be for three persons and the sauce was just enough for two. @.@ So, i put the leftover pasta in the fridge.

I don't really eat much nowadays so the leftover pasta is just right for my two meals on a beautiful Sunday. I just had my first round for brunch. I was clueless on what to be used as the pasta sauce since i don't feel like taking white sauce anymore though i do have another bottle of white sauce in the fridge. First choice was just putting in ketchup. But i saw my favourite Thai chili sauce. Not the one you can find at KFC's. Real Thai Sauce with the chili seeds and chopped chilis in it! So, i reheated the pasta, added in some button mushrooms again and some of the leftover chicken steak, and poured in a bit of the sauce. Voila! East met West. Delicious! I never knew it could be so delicious. It was not oily at all too.

Like Michael Smith from Chef At Home said, "My secret recipe? Cooking with the other recipe."

I am going to do it again for dinner!

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