Saturday, June 28, 2008

~* YLC's Charity Nite 2008 *~

On Friday evening, i joined my fellow lawyers to the Young Lawyers Committee's Charity Nite 2008 at SaVanh Too, Plaza Mont Kiara. I had my own hidden agenda there . You know. I know. Don't need to make it so obvious *Wink Wink*. Lets' make this post short and straight to the point.

  • Three lawyers (Lai Chee Hoe the Tai Kor, Gregory Ling the clone of One Republic and Mr. Yeoh Cho Keong who is one of my bosses) from my firm were performing on that evening which made Mr. Ranjit (One of my bosses too) proud of himself. When they were performing, he kept on telling people around him, "They are my boys. My lawyers".

  • Before the Battle of The Bands started, i was asked to finish a glass of beer by a stranger. No worries. It was a girl supporting Lai Chee Hoe's band.

  • Next, i claimed my own beer at the bar.

  • I tried to fit into the crowd on the dance floor to get high! I did! I did!

  • Looked at Mr. Ranjit in action on the dance floor after he had successfully demanded RM5K for donation from the crowd. Before this, i heard that he is good in dancing and yesterday, i had the chance to see it.

  • I was supposed to hold Vincent's beer while he was on the stage, but i ended up drinking his beer. The next time i saw him having his beer in his hand, i did not hesitate to grab the beer from him and drink. Too lazy to walk up and up from my table to the dance floor.

  • I did not have to redeem my next drink from the bar when there were people continuously bringing jugs of beer and bottles of whisky to the table and people were so kind to make sure that my glass was fulled.

  • After most of the people at my table disappearing (Some of them had gone home. Some of them walked up and down.), poor David, who had to give me a lift home, was forced to look after me. He did not go anywhere else except for standing behind me, until the guy i was enjoying with asking me about him.

  • The guy i met there was a debt collector who was brought by his lawyer to the bar. I think he has license for it. Nice of him teaching me not to tell anyone if i am drunk because making a girl drunk can be an objective for males.

  • I had my crazy moment on the dance floor even with strangers. You just don't bother when you get high.

  • Whenever i saw people pouring whisky, i even gave them a very BIG help in doing so. By using all my force not allowing them to stop pouring the whisky. :D

  • McDonald's was just few steps away and i was pulled out from the bar to have a break. My eyes were almost close and David forced me to open my eyes and try to stay awake. He and Peter said closing my eyes would make me worse. Both of them also forced me to keep drinking water when i was already feel like puking. Once more, they said it would help to make me feeling not so worse. Okay lorr.... I had to listen to people who are experienced in drinking lorr....

  • I really felt like going in again after that but my eyes were really closing and the puking sensation was not so great. Then, David had to attend a meeting the next morning. Thus, it was time to go home for me and i reached home at almost 2.

  • Without changing, i straight away got into bed and slept. First time in doing that by not changing and and just slept. The alcohol effect was so good that it led me to slumberland for 11 hours. Seriously, i had not been having a sleep for this loooooong....

  • The next day when i woke up, i kept on remembering the moments i had at Savanh Too the night before. It was soooo awesome!

  • What a good experience seeing females kissing each other, males kissing each other and guys rushing into the wrong washroom when people just got high!

  • I was too busy with drinking and dancing until i did not really take pictures. Also, it was too dark in there. My phone internal camera just too bad cause it does not have flash! When some of the lights in the bar were switched on to announce the winner for the Battle of The Bands, i took this opportunity to take pictures with some guys at my table.

I don't know his name but i met him before (i think).
I was high!

This is James. He was totally down!
You also can see that i was drunk too but i was conscious on what i was doing.
It was just that i could not walk in a really straight line.
Not as bad as him.

This is Gregory Ling who is from my firm and was performing for the Charity Nite.
He is forever handsome.
He can be adorable and/or funny when he smiles.
BUT, he is freezing cool or burning hot and can't be approached when he is mad, upset, angry and/or stressed.

With the attention gotten, i am not too bad afterall. Haha~
Or they are just too blind or too high or the bar was too dark?
P.S. If i am able to get more pictures, i will upload them here. :D

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