Wednesday, June 4, 2008

*~ SOLD! ~*

The notice was posted on the buletin board in the evening by my dear son and daughter. However, none realised about it because Friday is the day when Business students don't have class in the afternoon.

Saturday and Saturday
Do i need to mention? Of course none would notice about it too!

Okay... I did not know why but i received no calls from anyone regarding the notice posted.

Tuesday & Wednesday
I kept on receiving phone calls and short messages and I SUCCESSFULLY SOLD OUT ALL MY TEXTBOOKS! Whee~ However, i am still having both of my law textbooks for future use (Company Law). Keep them! Keep them!

I also found out that there are changes for this semester's Business Statistics. The lecturer is Mr. Yap Fu Chu and the tutor is Miss Jane Teh. I think the Miss Jane is a new lecturer. Hmm~

ALSO, how lucky the students for this subject are when the their lecture notes and all those questions are combined into one book. Last time we had to carry two damn books just for that subject and excluding the textbook itself! Grrrr~~

Oh ya~ I went back to college twice for two days just to sell the books. I met Wee Sern unexpectedly. I could not believe he told me i look prettier now. He said it might be due to the fact that i am single now. Feeling flattered, but at the same time i was trying to connect the dots of getting prettier and being single.


Anonymous said...

hoho!! treat us!! maa got money d~~ heheh

char siew~

peterfong said...

walau yeh!

i think u can be the top sales girl man!