Tuesday, June 10, 2008

*~ That's Too Much! ~*

Looking at the time this post is written, yesh, i am supposed to be working right now. Err... Wait. I am working right now. It is just that i am waiting for the documents to be downloaded which take them forever to load. So, i just take some time to update my blog.

I met this MAN few weeks back at the same eating place in Taman Seputeh. Since after i start to work, i always follow my mum's friend to Taman Seputeh for breakfast. Once, we were about to leave and this MAN from the next table stood up and came over saying that the table we were sitting at was better than his. Then, everytime when we met each other, he would smile at me and being polite, i returned to him a smile too.

Oh well, today, finally he took his first second step. When i was leaving that place, he passed to me a note written, "Michael Johnny. 013-344XXXX Like to know u and b fren, pls, sms me. tq." My mum's friend laughed like mad!

After reading the note, the thoughts that came into my mind were:

  • Oh shit! What will happen the next time i see him at the eating place if i contact him or if i don't contact him?!
  • Err...He is not my cup of tea hot chocolate!
  • Still using 013? How many people are still using that? I thought 019 is worst enough. (Sorry for those who are using 019. I am just meaning that veryless people are using 019.)

However, i am still very very happy with that incident. I can even attract a MAN who is 30+ or 40+. (Eh... Where is my cup of chocolate, then? Damn it!) Muahaha~ I am still attractive to anyone. Muahaha.... Blek :P

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eangbee said...

Haha.. funny incident.
macam those hongkong drama saja.. lol..