Saturday, June 14, 2008

~* F&M (Food & Man) *~

Waking up early in the morning yesterday, i was carrying my towel heading towards the bathroom. When i just stepped out from my room, the whole house just got dark suddenly. No electricity! Hey... I was about to bathe! "Nia Sing!" I cursed in front of my mum. A very big "OOOPS!" there. Thanked God my mum did not say anything or may be she did not hear it. It was so freezing cold and i spent longer time in the room to prepare myself for cold shower.

Yesterday also, i received another message from the MAN i mentioned in the previous post. This time, the message was nicely given to me in an envelope; however, not by him but by the mamak guy there. I have not been seeing him since the last time he gave me the first message. Weird enough.

This is what he wrote behind the envelope:

Thank you ms for reading this and i promise not to disturb you anymore after this.

And, this is what he wrote in the letter without any amendment by me:

Hello ms,

First of all i want to say really deeply very sorry if you think the way i act that day very rude and no manners, i'm sorry. i'm honest just want to know you and be friend, if that's okay with you. i honestly have no bad feeling or intention. But i understand if you don't trust or thinking bad about me. And also i understand if you don't want to be a friend. Please don't feel uncomfortable with it coz it's okay with me. But i do hope we can be friend.

Sorry again ms and have a nice day.

-Michael Johnny-\013-344XXXX/

Haha... It had been a long time since the last time i received this kind of letter. How many years back i am wondering. Well, this tactic is outdated, but i think it is still useful for me. It is just that he is not my cup of hot chocolate. Haha...

Okay. This is what i had two days ago for dinner. It was from Coffee Bean!
Yeah~ I was having stomach problem for two weeks and i was forced to watch out for the food i took.

This was for dinner on Thursday. Red Ruby from Little Penang Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall! Yummy~ My all time favourite dessert. Of course i was not having this for dinner alone. I had Lam Mee as well. The Lam Mee there is totally different than the one outside. No big big noodle and no sticky sticky soup.

Oh yeshhhh~ Feed me well!

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