Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~* My Mum, My Heroine *~

Recently, i realise even more how important is my mum to me. After so many things have happened especially since the break up. She has been there for me always whenever i am in trouble. Sometimes, i just know some parents, including my mum, don't know how to express their concern towards their children, but they will do whatever they can to make the children feeling better, as simple as preparing their favourite food, less scoldings, allowing to do something which is usually forbidden, bla bla bla....

I have been living in this world without a father's love for fifteen years and i never asked or even wanted a father's love again. Because my mum has already provided the family with what a father can provide. She is not only a mum to me, but a father as well. She concerns. She works. She earns. She feeds. She educates. She gives the best. She gives everything. I can't think of any reason why i should not be grateful for those.

Sometimes we argue, but most of the time i share everything that happens to me with her. Even the simplest thing which happens for that day, i would still tell her. She knows who appear in my life, who come and who go. When people think of keeping something to themselves like relationships, or don't have the need to tell the parents what has happened for the day, i would still love to share with her those stuffs.

Since i start to work over time, i don't get to eat my mum's cooking because i told her not to cook for me as i would be reaching home late at night. Despite what the time is when i reach home, i am still going to be late! So, it is better to have dinner early for health's sake and i don't want to trouble my mum.

Yesterday, i reached home at ten something and my brother was not home yet for dinner. So, i thought of the possibility of still eating some though i had my dinner earlier as i saw quite a big portion of food for my brother alone. After my bro had taken his portion, there was still some rice left. Happily, i scooped all the rice out from the pot, and then shared the dishes with my bro. While i was eating, i nearly cried out as i really miss my mum's cooking so much. I also realised how much she means to me that out of all the people, she is the one i truly cannot lose, she is the one i truly cannot live without.

By the way, today is her birthday.

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~BeCkY~ said...

Your post is touching, you are so blessed to have your mom in the midst of all things.

I wish I can share everything with my mom but it's impossible..

Been reading your blog, guess you are ok now..

God bless!!