Sunday, June 29, 2008

*~ Purple Cane Tea Restaurant ~*

I had dinner together with mum, bro and aunties from my mum's side at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, The Gardens, Mid Valley. It was a treat by my bro due to mum and aunty's birthday. At first, by looking at the menu, everyone (except for my bro because he tried before) was clueless about the food there as every single item has the word "tea" as different types of tea are used in the cooking. Thus, everyone was wondering how the taste was going to be like after adding the tea.

Before the dishes arrive, normally you are served with nuts. But, here lotus root, which has been turned into pickle, is served together with steam groundnut.

I don't know the name for this but i can tell you that the duck meat was freaking delicious!

Lotus root again with other ingredients such as carrot, mushroom, green bell pepper, garlic and bla bla bla...

Its famous beancurd dish.

Sweet and sour fish.

Chicken with fried man tao.

And they actually serve you with brown rice cooked with tea leaves. I did not even know i was eating brown rice. I thought the colour and the aroma of the rice was due to the tea leaves alone. Then. the dessert was not very sweet. Just nice. Absolutely delicious!

I don't know whether their claim of saying that their food is without msg, less salt and less oil is true or not. However, my personal view is that seriously the food was not oily and after eating and drinking the tea, i did not feel thirsty at all. Instead, i was feeling so satisfied with the food there.

Also, i would give high rating for their decoration. It was really a brand new dining experience for me. Peaceful and fine dining.

Conclusion: Everyone was happy with the food there.


Sin said...

i am a passerby..the way you describe Purple Tea and the photograph taken,looks very delicious..can't wait to try it out next time..

Nidhi said...

Hi, thanx for replying the look of it I thot it was all Indian sweets, but am glad and Surprised to know that back there in other East Asian countries such things are made too! : ) Its really nice and amazing to know. Btw, seems like you r a u can keep visiting my Food Blog! ; ) ..may be u can try some good Indian Food too : )