Sunday, June 22, 2008

~* Kasih Murni Camp (Part I) *~

I had been away to Hulu Langat on Saturday and Sunday for Kasih Murni Camp organised by my high school. Yesh~ i am still in contact with my high school teachers after leaving the school for 2.5 years. I attended this camp not only as a facilitator to the participants but also to my juniors who are still schooling and being trained as the camp facilitators. Yesh~ now you see how honourable i am.

During my high school time, i had been a facilitator for several camps and whatever activities the participants had, i was forced to join in. However, this time was so different. I did not need to join in every single activity held. So, what did i do?

I looked at this camp as a vacation for me as i am really exhausted and i did not have my proper break since after i finished my first year of studies. Also, there were too many things had happened. Seriously exhausted. It was time to free my mind, my body and my soul and being out of the city for awhile. I even asked Jenny to come along to accompany me.

We had Bill Sim who was the speaker for the day. Sorry, i did not really know what he taught the participants as i was to busy chatting with Jenny and other teachers. Oh well, at least he got the participants' attention than being a boring speaker.

Then, in the evening, we had team building activities where each group had to complete the tasks of five stations.

They were counting the red beans patiently.

It was only masking tape. Don't worry about their eyebrows.

Sorry, i was busy taking pictures. The serious me?

I can be funny too, okay?

They worked hard...

Tan Ser Yee, who has finished high school also, joined me and Jenny. She supposed to have the privilege like both of us too. Too bad that she is still our junior, and so, she was still being tortured by us in the camp. She did not crawl through this obstacle, okay? She was just posing due to the request from me and Jenny.

It was time for fun after the team building! Splashed here and there. But, they did not dare to splash the water at me because i warned them~ :D

Little girl. Really a little girl. This picture was taken during the last slot of the camp when everyone had carried their belongings out from the dorm. Nice angle to see her hugging Piglet.

With her very du lan look. She is such a good poser.

That's my foot!

Food food food!

*Err...I don't know the name for this.*

*I don't know the name for this also. I just know it is spicy and nice.*

(I still prefer the ondeh-ondeh made by my mum.)

(Is this the right spelling? I just know what is lepat pisang recently when there were people in the firm bought this for snack recently.)

Yeshh~ i posted the pictures on kuih-muih because other food (you know those normal dishes you can find when attending this kind of camp) was not nice for pictures. Like curry chicken, you can only see the pool of kuah and not the chicken. For rendang chicken, you can only look at it like shit.

Alright, this is only Part I. The next part will be regarding the jungle trekking and camwhoring session before leaving the place.


Anonymous said...

crazy food lover!!! LOL

char siew

Anonymous said...

char siew crazy food lover.. XD XD only comment about food

Nidhi said...

Oh well, the pics of foods u've listed are from India... the first one (shell shaped) is called Gujhia..its a sweet dish made on one of our festivals... the second one is a balu-shahi ..agaain a sweet dish...and third one is a pakoda...its a fried potato+flour stuff...quite Yumm!!! : )