Sunday, June 1, 2008

~* To Buy Or Not To Buy *~

Whoa~ Finally, i had the chance to go out with Pui Yee, Lai Tsa and Pui Yen who are my friends since in high school. At first, we had our lunch at Gasoline. We had our great time there recalling all the funny moments happened during our high school time. Of course, we also touched about our education now and other aspects of life. Four of us made too much noise there and thanked God, we were sitting at the corner.

We watched Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull at Times Square Imax Theatre. Why Imax Theatre? Watching a movie at GSC today was RM11 and the rate was the same as Imax's. Then, no queuing up at the ticket counters. So, which one would you choose having you in my position?

It was my first time there and at the very beginning, my eyes were not used to the screen as it was very wide and big and also the seat as it was like a rocking chair. However, everything turned out not too bad. Also, seriously, the hall is so damn big.

After the movie, we walked around Times Square and i kept on looking for shorts when i was supposed to look for tops. Every shop we entered, i was just looking for shorts, shorts, shorts, and shorts with different colours, different designs, different fabrics, bla bla bla... In the end, i realised that i am lacking of tops and i need new tops desperately! Stupid me! Dumbass! *Arghh~ Woof!* I really found a lot of nice shorts with striking colours but i just don't buy clothes when there is no trying! No way!

We also did visit Sony Centre and i saw the Vaio mini laptops (the TZ Series). The price? I can buy 3 HP 2133 Mini-Note PCs with that price. However, i read the review on the HP's notebook. I start to feel disappointed again. A very huge doubt there!

Then, i saw this camera with the model number DSC-S730 which costs RM499. I really feel like buying. The features are not so bad and it is simply affordable in case i also want to get a laptop. I really need your feedback on this model. Please...!!! Please tell me if it is good enough for normal use. I don't hope much but just for normal use.


nicksuneo said...

Sony DSC-S730 is the same family model that i used during my convocation. For normal used, its ok. Using it in night time also Ok, only that its size quite thick and heavy. With that price of 499 i suggest u to buy Canon Power-Shoot (not Cyber-Shoot).

Autumn Babe said...

oh~so that model is still ok la? no worries, i will check out the canon power-shoot too. thank you for droppin by... :)