Saturday, May 31, 2008

*~ Embarrassing Saturday ~*

Oh Gosh! On my way to meet Nick for lunch, i kept on thinking about getting a laptop. What if i get myself a laptop? What can i do with it? But, it is a want and not really a need for me!

Then, at Bintang Circle, Pavilion, HP was having their roadshow there for the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. Real nice but of course Sony Vaio mini laptops were nicer last time. I tried playing with it while waiting for Nick. Really not bad. The notebook is not in the market yet but it is going to be released somewhere end of June with the price RM2,299. I'm considering.

After having lunch with Nick (who needed to start working at 2pm), then tea time with my cousin (who had her break at 4 pm), i had nothing else to do. Yea~ seriously nothing else to do. What did i do? Entertained myself at the HP road show again by watching performances from a group of dancers from Sydney, Australia.

Later, came this guy asking me if i wanted to have temporary tattoo and the conversation started like this:

The HP Guy:
Do you want to have this tattoo? May be here... here or here?
*Pointing several places on his arm*

Err... Okay...

The HP Guy:
So, where do you want it to be?

Err... Up to you.

The HP Guy:
This is like having an injection.
*Dabbing on the tattoo paper using a wet sponge to make sure the tattoo sticked on my arm*

*Paused* [In my mind: What should i say now?]
Oh... No worries. I am not afraid of injection.

Yesh, i thanked him after that and looked at him persuading a little girl in front of me to have another tattoo though the little girl already had one. Few minutes later, he came back again and this time he handled to me a neck strap. I just smiled at him and said no to it because i had one earlier. Politely, he thanked me but seriously, why thanked me? For what reason? Clueless about it.

I still did not feel like going home at all until i was invited to participate in the game. He looked at me and to be polite, i smiled at him and waved la... Oh Gosh! Then, i lost in that game [though i still got goodies bag in the end]. Malunya.... I did not want to stay any longer. I just grabbed my stuffs and went off. It was a very very wrong decision to join in the game. I told my friend on the phone when she called me. Her reply was, "Never mind la... Reflected your cuteness when you joined in mah..." =_=" I was speechless about it and still feeling embarrassed!

By the way, after spending so much time there, i found out that there is another issue for me to consider. The notebook does not have CD-ROM drive. However, i can get the portable one, right? I am still considering about it. It seems like i get the green light from my mum already. :)

I will stop considering and instead, immediately get one when it is released if i can find people to sponsor financially even if it is a partial sponsorship. Muahaha...

I should stop thinking now and only look into it when it is released to the market. *Stop thinking* *Stop dreaming* *Stop thinking* *Stop dreaming*


tse ngar said...

using a portable cd rom is very inconvenient....not recommended...

Autumn Babe said...

aiks... wah! tse ngar, how did you reach my blog.
i am so surprised to see you here wei!