Sunday, May 25, 2008

~* High Glucose Day *~

It had been a long day for me yesterday. It started when i had buffet high tea at Dorsett Regency Hotel to celebrate my aunt's birthday. Seriously, there were not many choices of food but still delicious. I forgot to snap some pictures of the food except for this one. It was my first favourite there and the sauce is sooo nice and soooo creamy. If this was my first favourite, of course i would have my second favourite as well which was the irresistable tomyam! Oh my God, recently i always feed myself with tomyam without bothering of getting stomachache after that.

Then, i paid an unexpected visit to Nick who is now working at Ochacha, Pavilion. He treated me this drink and it was definitely better than Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino. You may go and have a try. Good atmosphere there and if i am not mistaken, the place has WiFi too. So, you can bring your laptop together, do some internet surfing, enjoy the drink of your choice and have a dessert!

Funny. This girl came in with her boyfriend to Ochacha. She looked to familiar to me but i really had no idea who she was. I just stared at her and wondered. She stared at me too! Then, she started to do those sign languages and lips movements like waving at me, asking if i was alone and if Nick is my friend. At that moment, i thought she knew me since she was the one started to communicate with me first. Also, for being polite, i did respond to her. Then, she came over and the conversation was as follow:

She: Actually, do you know me?
Me: Err... No. But you do look so familiar to me.
She: Yeah... Me too. I thought that i know you.
Me: Har? So, you actually have no idea on who i am?
She: I don't think so.
Me: Then, why did you communicate with me at the first place?
She: I don't know. Err... never mind. I will go back to my own table.
Me: Okay. *sweat* =_="

She was just making me so speechless..... =_="

I really wanted to go home after that, but my cousin sister bumped into me at Lot 10 and she left earlier from work to accompany me after seeing me so lonely and had nothing to do. Well, i returned to Pavilion again with her to walk around. Just at Forever 21 itself, we had already spent a lot of time there looking for nice clothes and trying them. Forever 21, i will be back! Oh my God, we actually shopped until all of the shops were closed down and the cleaners were preparing to do their job.

Oh ya, before i went home, i actually had a durian tart from John King. It was so delicious... But don't try the egg tart. Not nice. You want nice egg tart, go for Tong Kee Brothers'.

Knowing that i will be getting my pay, i just can't resist and i can't wait to shop, shop, shop and shop! I'm waiting for the moment to come. :D

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