Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~* Shopping Shopping *~

Whee~ I got my pay!
I am going to use part of it for this:

RM 120.00 for MNG vouchers worth RM250.00
RM6.00 as the shipping fee
RM10.00 (the amount i used for the whole bidding process)
I was supposed to be happy after knowing the vouchers are mine until i read this
"Each voucher is valid for SINGLE purchase only, no combination of voucher is allowed"
There are five RM50.00 vouchers, so i am going to have 5 items from MNG and i need to pay extra for each transaction that exceeds RM50.00.
I thought further.
Everything is still worth it!
By the way, my first choice was the vouchers from Forever 21 and not MNG.
Never mind.
MNG is still alright.
Today, i finally got the chance to dine at Yo! Sushi for lunch.
Err... may be my expectation before this was too high, ended up i had this feeling that Sushi King is slightly better.
David paid for the lunch, so i should not complain so much.
Thank you, David!
P/S: As requested, a bit of advertising for you.
David is young, single, rich and working as a lawyer. Feeling interested? Inform me, okay?

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