Friday, May 23, 2008

~* Random Thoughts *~

Too many things are in my mind right now and they are just too random!

According to the Chinese horoscope description, single Dragons have to wait until next year before they meet their another half.

I don't believe.
I believe.
I don't believe.
I believe.

Whee~ One month has passed and i am getting my pay few days later. =D
Money... money... Come to me, baby...
However, it also means a new beginning for me. A new month, a new beginning. Another month to go before getting the next pay. T.T

People at work have been pampering me with food. Yes, they are. Some of them even pay for me when i go out to have lunch with them. I should have an agreement between me and them mentioning that i am supposed to pay for my own food. I don't know whether it is because i am a girl or i am a student. By the way, thank you so much....

The damn results are supposed to be out today! I had been waiting for the whole day anxiously!

High school friends, whether they are close to me or not, were really giving their support when they knew what happened to me recently. I also managed to talk and catch up with some friends whom i lost contact with last time.

Even my friends from the foundation course last time, especially my dearest son and daughter, did the same by giving their full support to their mum who is ME!

My colleagues too! I got different advices from them!

The most important person is my mum. The one who always stays by my side throughout my difficult moments. =)

Thank you for the support i got from you all...

I need to plan for the camp in June at Hulu Langat! I am given the honour to do so by my high school counsellor. Yes, my high school counsellor. I am still contributing to the school until today. Hey... you think after i got my Vandort Shield award ( It is the most honourable award in my high school, okay! No kidding...) and my contribution to the school stopped there. No way....

Am i just being stupid or what when i think of having a serious relationship and not puppy love at this young age?

I need to boost my confidence again. I always have confidence in myself, but in the previous relationship, i had someone by myside and so i did not have to stand that strong. However, the case is different now.

I also need to have what a single young lady should have to remain or become more attractive. Hahaha.... Ceh wah...

Okay okay... Stop laughing laaa, people... Shh! I know i am not attractive la... I don't need you all to make me realise about it. =_="

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