Wednesday, May 28, 2008

*~ Sucky Sucky Life ~*

Dear Bloggie,

I have been working for a month. Everything seems going quite well except for some aspects and some days. I have another two months to go and in this period, i really don't want to offend anyone even if i have negative view on that person (but the negative view is getting positive because i am not being offended yet). If they treat me well, i won't treat them worse. However, i won't deny that there are people in the firm who really treat me good all the time. Since i am the youngest there, the care that i get sometimes does reflect the childish side of me.

The world is unfair. And i am seriously clueless why he is so damn lucky. Oops... I almost forget. Life is always that unfair. If life is fair, there would be no poor and rich, smartass and dumbass.

Nothing to worry about being a child. I did not even know how to cry when my dad passed away when i was five. I only cried when my mum said, "Call your dad for the last time or else you won't have any more chance in the future". I cried but i still did not know the meaning of death.

Referring back the post entitled "Leading A Misery Life", i once wrote, "Thank God, until this moment, i still know how to be grateful that my mum gave birth to me in a complete and good condition, and provides me with good standard of living, as i can observe there are people who are less fortunate than me". However, being a city girl, most of the time, i will try to compare myself with others to see how good they are so that i will try to achieve the same life. Thus, comparing myself to others who are less fortunate to make myself feeling grateful and comparing myself to others who more fortunate to make myself more so-called motivated to achieve that same life.

I am leading a misery life right now. I am working too hard for everything. Just too hard! Even though it seems like i am not working too hard! But i am working too hard for everything!


It's Time to Live... said...

I read through your entire blog, Great insite into your world and I thank you for that. Yes, you are beautiful. Be careful and make good choices as you enter adult life and you will do well. Thanks

It's Time to Live... said...

I found your blog just by chance as I was going through I like different customs and learning as I read blogs like yours. I also work with Youth Groups here in USA and am interested in youth of the world and their success. They (you) are the future! If you ever want a pen pal you can write me at if that is to weird, I understand!